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4.9.13 - Please like the official Vikings Vs Zombies Facebook Page.

3.28.13 - Seven years to the day after principle photography for OTL, production begins on Vikings Vs Zombies with Lloyd Kaufman & Debbie Rochon. Happy BDay, True Studios!

8.4.11 - Newly remastered Vikings Vs Zombie Investor Teaser.

8.1.10 - FILM THREAT reviews On the Lam and gives it 4 stars!

5.1.10 - Pt. 1 & Pt. 2 of the bands performing at the Vikings Vs Zombies Fundraiser.

1.19.10 - Watch the Vikings Vs Zombies Investor Teaser.

1.14.10 - Metromix, Uweekly, & Alive - Thanks for the fundraiser press!

1.9.10 - True Studios wins an Accolade for On the Lam, feature film (student).

12.9.09 - Join us 1/16/10 at Junctionview for the Vikings Vs Zombies fundraiser!

11.18.09 - 24 Hours in New York - A stop motion piece by Corey Aumiller.

10.24.09 - ON THE LAM - Queens International Film Festival Official Selection!

9.12.09 - New ad finished. Join our workout and get THIS! The Easter Special.

5.17.09 - ON THE LAM - Ohio Independent Film Festival Official Selection!

5.12.09 - ON THE LAM - TexanDance International Film Fest Official Selection!

2.5.09 - Two new pieces for change: Best Job & Proof of Perjury.

12.19.08 - On the Lam is now listed on IMDb.

11.9.08 - Join us March 27th at the Derby City Independent Film Series in Louisville.

9.9.08 - Many thanks to Dennis Petrie and Dave Findley for believing in our work. We owe you and all in attendance at the TSU screening our sincere thanks and gratitude.

7.5.08 - Join us for the Indiana premiere of On the Lam in Fabiani Theatre at University Center of Tri-State University Campus Thursday July 31st at 7 PM.

5.29.08 - Thanks to Melissa Starker and Will Shilling of the Columbus Alive for promoting our premiere. Also thanks to The Columbus Underground for their review of On the Lam.

5.1.08 - Join us for the premiere of On the Lam at Studio 35 on May 31st at 4:30pm.

3.28.08 - Happy two years True Studios! Life is leading us in separate directions lately, but we're still having fun & getting work done. Thanks to Amy Atwell, our sweet photographer for the poster design. Some anniversary words by Greg Kissner and a review by Alexis Lynch.

2.06.08 - OTL official trailer released! Here's a deleted scene. And a re-release of Le Ordre.

12.11.07 - Thanks again to Dane Terry & Wartime Ladies for your hard work.

10.11.07 - Join us at Agora III this Saturday. It will certainly be better than fight night.

8.12.07 - Many thanks to the anonymous group of veterans who helped make our huey shoot possible. You have our highest respect. We will never forget what you've done.

8.02.07 - We didn't win at the Louisville 48 Hour Film Fest, however we're pleased with our new dowry. Thanks to Jamie Sommer for helping out! Photos from the week.

7.19.07 - We are now desending from the summit of On the Lam after a long night at the University Inn shooting the Hotel/Arab Conflict scene. Thanks to all our actors! The night was catastrophic success with the exception of one caPABSTrophy.

7.16.07 - Special thanks to Toni and the Victorian's Midnight Cafe for letting us bang on the piano awhile. You rock Dane!...even with a bloody finger. Thanks to our special guest Saul Goode for doing tonight's top stories.

7.09.07 - Big thanks to Rainer Ziehm of Leftchannel and Kon Petrochuk of CCAD for helping us make this our most productive day since Texas. We're excited to be back in the full swing of production. However, we're not excited that Into the Wild was made before we got the chance. Damn you Sean Penn.

6.25.07 - Aaron & Greg return from Brooklyn after a visit with Black20. We're inspired by this opportunity and would like to thank the crew for having us out.

5.12.07 - The Aumillers are enjoying europe while the rest of us take time to graduate.

4.24.07 - Please join us at Agora on April 28th. We are also premiering work at the Drexel Grandview on May 9th for CineMUSEica. Hope to see you there!

4.16.07 - We spent the evening chasing buses in the rain, but still had a lot of fun!

4.02.07 - Vote for Aaron Patterson in the top 25 for the Red Bull Rough Cuts contest!

3.28.07 - Words by Corey Aumiller. Happy one year anniversary True Studios!

3.12.07 - J.R. Morgan's short, Frank's Wild Years, is complete. Thanks again to Patty Stewart! Dinner with Rob Nilsson was much appreciated after a cold and frustrating winter. Thanks for the film advice. Long live the Ohio New Wave!

2.09.07 - Production for Greg Kissner's Death by Scrabble is complete.

1.23.07 - More problems arise as our XL2 needs play head repair and somehow a third of our rough edit files are missing. Please donate your money for our problems!

1.09.07 - Shooting continued in Short North at the Uncle Sam phone booth. Our moped refused to start. Corey & Aaron went to grab fresh gas and got ticketed for speeding 40 in a 25. The officer also gave us a ticket for an expired plate, although the Honda's registration was legit. "Where'd you get that 2007 sticker? You steal it?" "No sir. My plates are not expired. Here is my registration." "Oh. Well you're gonna have to go to court anyway." YIPPIE! Aaron has now been pulled over twice during production.

12.10.06 - Aaron Syler has two new pieces. Check out the True Studios Logo Build and a Sexy Jeans Ad. Thanks to Ballet Met's Jamie Dee & Christian Broomhall.

11.15.06 - Come see our short films this Friday at 6 PM as Junctionview Studios presents Agora - A quarterly event designed to promote awareness of local arts. For more info please visit Agoracolumbus.com

11.14.06 - We shot two more scenes for On the Lam in Clintonville. Greg almost got his jacket & keys stolen by a homeless man, but fortunately he was willing to return us the goods for a pack of smokes and 5 dollars. He then immediately bought a 40oz.

10.20.06 - Come see our short films at the Huntington Center this Friday night at 8 PM. The One Night Suite - 41 S. High Street / 34th floor / The Executive Office Suite. Silent auctions include over 250 works of art. Main event includes live DJs and cash bar. All proceeds benefit the Ohio Art League and other artist members. Visit OAL.org

10.18.06 - Check out the 2nd teaser for On the Lam.

9.25.06 - Last night's shoot at the Aumiller home was history in the making. This was surely the character developement we needed. We take great pride in knowing that Kon, "wouldn't do this for anyone else."

9.24.06 - After group assessment of On the Lam's rough cut, we have decided to reshoot a few scenes. Things are looking great as we now have Kon Petrochuk on board.

8.25.06 - Great audio is no longer a problem when using the quiet Toyota Prius for dolly shots. "We filled a major plot hole," says Greg. Thanks for helping us out with the mic, Jamie. Patterson continues to finds strange bugs everywhere we go.

6.23.06 - Production continued in Grandview and other Columbus locations including: the old factory warehouse on 5th Ave, a car wash, and Dariy Queen. Special thanks to the Riffe Market for letting us steal some fruits. Random racism & haikus from CCAD.

4.25.06 - The whole crew was together and ironically in a most controlable environment. Two scenes done for both features. Yesterday was also a success in production for Leaving Toledo. Kelly Henderson and our leading man, Adam Alspaugh are a perfect match. Unfortunately, it rains everytime we're at the garage.

4.23.06 - Production for And Justice for All, Aaron Syler's 16mm short. It was a rough day after the DVX was knocked down the stairs. See the photos of our jail set.

4.21.06 - Teasers released for On the Lam and Leaving Toledo. Dave Tress presents Another Man's Treasure and other short films at the CCAD Canzani Center at 8pm. Featuring yours truely, Aaron Syler, Greg Kissner, and Aaron Patterson.

3.28.06 - We've return from our trip to Big Bend National Park where we shot principle photography for On the Lam. After a few mishaps with the Canon XL2 and some help from Bob Peterson, production went as planned. Special thanks to Rennie Beetham for driving down and helping out. Check out the photos from Texas.